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Social Investment

PPT Group of Companies head office is based in a country where a large sector of the population remains in poverty, are unemployed and where it is difficult to access basic and tertiary education.  It is our social responsibility to contribute to uplifting the lives of this part of our population.

As a company, we have a strong belief in developing and educating our own employees as well as deserving individuals not employed by PPT Group of Companies.  To this effect we support a number of primary and tertiary students in funding their studies and creating work opportunities where they are able to gain the necessary experience which will assist them in their lives going forward. 

At PPT Group of Companies we believe we do not exist in isolation.  We help create, mentor and support developmental businesses where skills are learnt and transferred to individuals or groups.  This successful transfer of skills creates sustainable employment which supports the greater business community as well as assist in the development of the smaller business.

A few of our initiatives are:

Enterprise Development

    We are in the process of assisting a start-up training company, Azvaria.  This company will be developing courseware for industry related learnerships.  Azvaria has 4 employees and PPT Group of Companies interacts and assists/mentors them on an ongoing basis.
    EMANEM Communications is a small, single owner entrepreneurial company.  In addition to technological assistance, mentorship, concise office space, PPT Group of Companies also regularly sends the owner of this company on various industry approved courses to guide and assist in the sucsess of the start-up.
    Christina started a food vendor stall where she sells lunch packets to the local school kids.  PPT Group of Companies donated a microwave to Christina to assist her with her business.

Community Involvement

    Grace Community Centre (GCC) is a registered NGO which supports and councils HIV positive individuals as well as assists the local community children in feeding schemes and after school care.    As part of our belief in on-going development and training, PPT Group of Companies donated a complete IT centre and teacher where GCC staff as well as children are taught IT skills.  DSTV was also installed to enable the children to follow curriculum aligned programs.

    We are committed to our partnership with GCC, PPT staff visit and interact with them on a regular basis.
  2. In addition to the above, PPT Group of Companies also regularly donates goods to smaller NGO organisations, Pre-schools etc in areas where we have offices.  These are Germiston, Durban and Sasolburg.

Training and Education

    To ensure we support and help develop the right people, we partner with universities and schools by offering scholarships, bursaries and experiential training to motivated and enthusiastic students.   The students are mentored on an ongoing basis and an active interest is taken in their studies.
    PPT currently supports 3 female students with scholarships and bursaries.
    In order to maintain, upgrade and update our employees skills, we regularly send out staff on training courses.  The courses cover a wide range of topics, from personal development, technical training, job related training etc.